Monday, April 4, 2011

one ring

Whenever we're at my In-Law's house Scott finds his way into the workshop.  Over the holidays I followed him in there, and I'm finally showing off my project to you. I knew what I wanted to make...something I'd tried and failed at once before. 

I applied a little bit of Moorea

to a slice of dowel and a chunk of rock,

added a little bit of sticky stuff...

and fashioned myself a lovely piece of jewelry.

I had tried this task once before, but got over-zealous with a vice and cracked my ring right in half.  This time I had more of a plan and I refined my process to be more fun and efficient (tiny wood chisels...yay!) and was delighted with my success. 

Oh, but I also cracked this ring, just not until I was out of the house wearing it for the first time.

Several things led to this tragedy 1) my fingers change sizes all day [temperature+hydration?] and they're kind of strong from rock climbing every week) 2) I don't work with wood often, and I'm sure I worked with the grain going the wrong way or something 3) I stupidly wore the ring to work...might have squished it on a door handle or knocked it on something.  

Oh well...I'm quite proud. The ring is still awesome, and still totally wearable...but I'm saving it for special dress-up occasions.


Moorea Seal said...

very pretty! working with wood can be very tricky. perhaps it was the type of wood that you were working with that caused it to be so fragile? I only use maple for my wooden book necklaces because when it gets thin, it snaps pretty easily. A lot of the darker woods I use are suuuper strong, but I forget their names :) shoot.

But anyway, love the ring and so sad it cracked! luckily it is on the bottom where you can't see it when you wear it :)
xo Moorea

Jessi said...

very pretty

sara said...

thanks girls! ya moorea i don't know what kind of wood it is...i just grabbed what looked like an old closet rod out of the scrap pile, ha ha... it's fun to learn by doing though.

mama said...

Hey, I think we are about the same size...around 5?

yours truly dear said...

this is amazing!! i wish i was talented and i could make something like this! also, thank you so much for your comment on my blog. :)