Friday, June 28, 2013

What the...?

Hey there. I've been doing some behind the scenes shuffling and this blog is now elsewhere...but under the same web address...but it's different. But it's here.  Huh? The point is that the handful of you that may have had my blog in your RSS feed will have to resubscribe. I think. This page is now, which you can visit for nostalgic purposes and is sleeker, simpler, and will have new posts. It's all about the posts. 

Enjoy these raccoons as a bonus. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


So true. Must remember to focus more on "wild and wonderful" and less "mundane and obligatory." I feel a struggle and yet can't is full of amazing people, places, chances, and things. Perhaps the struggle is the fear of throwing myself into life and falling. Maybe if I had a crown and a unicycle it would be less scary.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

if, then.

If you need a holiday treat then make sugar cookies. If you find you don't have an egg then substitute a mixture of ground flax seeds and water like someone on the interweb said to do. If you decide the cookies taste a little weird then make some icing. If you discover there's no powdered sugar at home then you can try making your own in the blender. If the flavor of the homemade powdered sugar icing only adds to the cookie weirdness, then go to the store to get ingredients and make gingerbread cookies instead.

Here's to a happy and safe changing of the calendar... Best wishes to all of you for the coming year ♥


Saturday, December 8, 2012

pie tin

When I was a kid we ate at Marie Callender's restaurant fairly often (are they still around?). Often enough that I have a lot of memories of it. We mostly stopped eating there when TGIFridays came along, haha, but would still pick up a pie on occasion. You could get like a hundred different flavors of pie there and if you brought back your aluminum pie tin you got a 25 cent deposit back or something. When I was really little I thought we were straight trading the tin for a pie...what a deal! We always had a few of those tins in our house...I can still hear the sound of a fork scraping around one while my Papa beat eggs for french toast. One of my favorite pies was the sour cream lemon. I googled a recipe online to try to re-create it. I'm not going to share it because it didn't turn out as delicious as I'd hoped...maybe I had the wrong pie? Lemon cream cheese? In any case, I had fun in the kitchen that evening and enjoyed the memories...from pie to croissant club sandwiches to baby spoons to a funny double date I went on in high school.

Any themed memories kicking around in your head lately?

(Definitely not a sponsored post)


Monday, November 26, 2012

case of the Mondays


I have to leave this little cutie today... My first day back to work and her first day with a stranger babysitter. Ugh. I'm trying to act like a grown up but my tummy hurts. Hope your Monday is nice.