Wednesday, February 2, 2011

where wednesday [sam]

Where Wednesdays are a regular feature where I and a series of guest bloggers talk about places that are important to us, be they work spaces, outdoor spaces, sleeping spaces, places we visit, places we live, places we drink coffee, etc. etc. [do you want to talk about a place or space that's important to you? let me know and I'll set you up with a Wednesday!]
[This week's Where Wednesday is from Sam, my awesome mama-in-law. I'm pretty darn lucky in the Mother In Law department because we get along great and have a great time hanging out together.  Among other things, Sam is a published scrapbooker & a savvy's always fun to see what projects she's up to! Read about Sam's space below, then check out Sam's blog HERE]

Where Wednesday? A dozen places come to mind - pick one she asks? Knowing I can change my mind 5 minutes from now, I’ll go with my “all mine space” - my craft/scrapbook/computer studio. I’m Sam and to some known as ScrappySam, Sam’s Amusing World or Sam’Studio. My space is located on the top floor of my home with large windows overlooking the forest we live in on the side of a mountain. I’ve surrounded myself with a desk, a drafting table, a wall of counters, a bulletin board wall, a stuffed closet and family photos.

It’s quiet (except for the headphones I wear listening to the radio or tunes), it’s organized (well, at least I know where everything is or where it’s suppose to be), it’s filled with paper, pens, pencils, die cutting machines, a tall cabinet of die cut forms, buttons, ribbons & string, embellishments, rulers, stamps, inks, punches, glue pot, scissors and other paper cutting devices all within reach.  And my connection to the world - my computer.
If it’s a craft that requires paper - I’m on it. Scrapbooking pages, cards, altered book journals, origami boxes, notecards & more. Give me a photograph and it’ll become a scrapbook page. Give me a holiday and it’ll be a present or card. Give me a booth and it’ll be filled with paper products for sale. Give me an idea and I’ll run with it.

I’m an early riser and head to my space around 4:00 am. I usually know what I want to work on for the day and get started after checking my emails and my daily blog spot visits. Once I get my fingers in the glue pot, I get lost in design & ideas. Being creative is a must for me - to let the artist in me come out to play.  Getting the creative juices flowing is an euphoric sense of freedom. To get messy, try new things, make mistakes, and sometimes get it right. Except for my scrapbooking pages, I either sell or give my creations away. I share. I’ll invite others to come play - but, I admit I’ll hover like the mother I am, letting others play with my toys that I’ve collected for over 10 years.  I love playing in my craft studio - I come alive - I create - I let the artist in me come out to play.  And the best thing is knowing that at 4:00 am tomorrow morning I get to go play in my very own - all mine - crafty studio.


Scott Mansfield said...

"To get messy, try new things, make mistakes, and sometimes get it right..."I like that a lot. Well written mama! I can attest to the awesomeness of her space, every kind of crafting tool abounds, every flavor of paper color and pattern, and enough space to spread out and get funky!

Corinne said...

Great space. I'm pretty sure you mostly get it right. What's better than great pens and crafty supplies?
(It could be part of why I teach elementary school.) Love your window and slanted ceiling, but 4:00 A.M.?
Really? I enjoyed your post Sam.