Saturday, March 17, 2012


This post was originally published on Photogwife in August 2011

I often wonder if people are turned off by my adopting of the moniker 'photogwife' I've lost myself in this 'role'.  I don't see it that way at all.  I've chosen to include myself in something that Scott devotes himself to...starting with the first tiny darkroom Scott built in his half-bath 13 years ago (12?) in the apartment he shared with his brother (I think the darkroom came before the climbing wall...[my husband tends to build things...]). I get great joy out of supporting and encouraging him in his endeavors.

Anyway...I'll spare you long stories...what I really wanted to share was that beyond our personal lives and fun adventures, having a photographer around has enabled me to have a pretty cool job of my own...the camera and Photoshop skills I've been taught help me take photographs of the Geology collections at the California Academy of Sciences.  Check out some of the photos on Flickr...


Anonymous said...

you do whatever you want. I hate it when women feel like they have to justify their choices. if you love what you do who cares about the labels. and it sounds like you love what you do and who you are doing it with :)

happy sunday

sara mansfield said...

thanks Petra!