Monday, October 24, 2011

museum love [computer history museum]

MUSEUM: Computer History Museum
WHERE: Mountain View, California

EXHIBITS: The main exhibit hall is called Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing.  The artifacts and information are more or less laid out chronologically, starting with the abacus and slide rule.
ALSO SAW: Steve Wozniak's Apple I and a WWII Enigma Machine. We also played Pong.

CAFE: yes (but we got a sandwich nearby before we went in) 
SHOP: t-shirts, books, gadgety things, baskets made of telephone wire
NOTES:Holy shmoly...a lot of information to process, but so fascinating...I admit I felt a little really mentally overwhelmed, but maybe it was a mistake to try to cram it all into one afternoon. I really, really liked all the things I saw and tried to learn. There's a lot of cool stuff from a design standpoint, too. See more HERE.


mama said...

Pong! Loved it.

sara said...

Pong! It goes on forever!

ambika said...

Oh man, this looks like such a cool visit, if only to marvel at how huge they used to be.

sara said...

yes! and not only were they huge, but so limited in their function. it's also crazy how fast things changed in just the last 50 years