Wednesday, February 9, 2011

where wednesday [craftyMSP]

Where Wednesdays are a regular feature where I and a series of guest bloggers talk about places that are important to us, be they work spaces, outdoor spaces, sleeping spaces, places we visit, places we live, places we drink coffee, etc. etc. [do you want to talk about a place or space that's important to you? let me know and I'll set you up with a Wednesday!]

[For today's Where Wednesday I'm excited to present Marie...aka CraftyMSP.  Marie was a fellow IndieBiz2.0 student last year and I immediately admired her quilts and crafts, built with great shape and color. Check out her crisp and refreshing guest post here, then head over to her BLOG to see what crafty-ness you can find. Do visit her ETSY shop...she's got some great embroidery art for Valentine's Day ♥]    

Even though I work during the day as a designer of buildings, my most favorite places in the world aren’t usually the structures that I find myself in. Instead, I’m drawn to the outdoors. To the magical places that stop my breath, slow me down and remind me of the beauty of nature. One of these natural locations is right in the backyard of my home town - the greatest Great Lake of them all.

I grew up in a tiny town in Northeastern Minnesota and I always go back to inhale the fresh air and get a glimpse of Lake Superior. And in my opinion, the best view of this giant body of water in the winter is on the ski hill – flying down the slopes in a winter wonderland.

So – fresh from the slopes (a most perfect day of skiing last weekend) – here are some images from one of my favorite places.   

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