Monday, January 10, 2011

messy monday

I found this during a regular bookstore browse:

MESS was created by Keri Smith who has a great website and blog you should explore.  It's an activity book made for practicing unrestrained creativity....getting out of your head and not worrying about rules or results.  You'll see what I mean. I thought it would be a fun weekly exercise for the new year. I'm going to try to not pick and choose activities based on my mood, but let myself participate in whichever page I  land on. Today I turned to: 

And the result (with help from my mama):

I'm not going to lie...'not thinking' is hard! We had some good laughs making our mess today...and then I made another mess in the kitchen making lentil soup.

Hope you enjoyed your Monday...did you make a mess today?

P.S. Thanks to all of you who left sweet messages about my grandma :)

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Jenny said...

Sara, I love the new site. I just got on and it is FABULOUS! I am sorry to here about your grandma, hows the PAPA doing? Oh and if you ever need help making a mindless mess come on down to Birmingham, I've got some cute little monkeys that are pros. :)