Sunday, January 9, 2011

friday five [lessons]

I know it's Sunday, not Friday...but Friday I was traveling to Salt Lake City for sad family grandma is gone. Today I thought I'd share some lessons set by her example, plus a blog post I wrote a year ago about a visit to her home.

Friday Five [things my Grandma taught me]
1) Be generous
2) Work hard
3) Take care of your matter what
4) Be crafty
5) Give people a hard time...for laughs and/or to get what you want.

She is already quite missed ♥

NOSTALGIA 3/6/2010
While in Utah I visited my grandmother's house. I love her house. She has a huge corner plot of land...huge for the city anyway. It really was the classic grandma's house to me...

It holds so many great memories for me...running around the yard, picking apricots, Sunday dinners, lounging on the grass on summer evenings, the veggie garden, flowers flowers flowers, the clothesline in the backyard, the spooky basement, the mysterious attic, rooms in different colors (I usually stayed in The Blue Room, but The Pink Room is fun during the day), special treats (cookies, homemade jam, chocolates, Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, soda), purple shampoo, the flickery bathroom light, the antique vacuum, coloring books, the glass grapes, standing on the big heater vent.

I love her kitchen too. It's so sunny and has neat cupboards. And you get hot rolls if you hang out there. Look, down the hall you can see The Papa's senior portrait. Maybe someday, with his permission, I'll show it to you. He's a handsome devil! My favorite kitchen spot was a stool similar to this one:

I don't get to see her often enough. She's the hardest working person I know...and she's a crafty inspiration too...crochet (we took home a fresh cozy afghan the day we visited), embroidery, knitting, baking, canning, candy making (she makes chocolate candy from scratch...they're ridiculously good! I will turn down the See's chocolates you offer me, and this is why) 85 years old she still does all of these to some degree. And she does them perfectly. Somewhere there's a drawer full of state fair blue ribbons. I was lucky to grow up watching her make.


Natalia said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma Sara. Thanks for sharing this post, it's nice to have such wonderful memories of her!

Scott Mansfield said...

Excellent post babe! She will always be loved and missed!

diane said...

sending you lots of love as you and your family experience this transition.

i could feel the love and beautiful memories in your nostalgic words.

how lucky to have such an amazing character in the story of your life.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sara, I'm sorry. I loved your older post - it reminded me of my Grandy. When I visited her I slept with her in her bed. She wore lots of undergarments, never wore pants, made rose leaf & currant pie and wonderful cookies, and I remember all the rooms in her house too. There's no one like a grandma. Shelly