Friday, September 14, 2012

20,000 Leagues

Oh, hey bloggy type are you? For almost 5 weeks I've been 20,000 leagues under this new baby girl (yes a girl wearing blue...shocking I know). I haven't really made time to write for months, and am uncertain what to write anyway. I'm sure all I long to say about having a child has been said over and over again...maybe for thousands of years! I also promised here that this wouldn't turn into a mommy blog...but damn if that isn't my whole beautiful world right now. 


Petra said...

oh, congratulations. she is beautiful. and don't worry about being a little absent these days. or to write only about her. you are excused ;)

Debbie Schwab said...

So sweet!! Love to hear that you're a momma of a baby girl. Hope to meet her one day:)

Natalia said...

I said the same thing about my blog but it just....happens! Hope you're all doing well, she is adorable!!