Sunday, March 4, 2012

wife of a photographer

I'm doing a little spring cleaning in my little online world, which might mean some minor tweaks on ye olde blogge, including a little consolidation of my split web personality...I'm bringing a new category to Sagebrush Coast featuring my thoughts, cool links, and miscellaneous stuff related to Photography. Being married to a talented professional photographer means I've always got one eye on what's going on in his world. I think it could add some fun content here and hopefully help me stay more active as a blogger. In the next couple weeks I'll be putting up some old posts I wrote last year for a separate PhotogWife blog I had (one that no one ever read & I rarely posted on because it was on a separate account...woops on both counts)...hope you enjoy! 
The following post was originally published in March 2011

My name is Sara, and I'm married to a photographer. I am a photog-wife to Scott Mansfield, professional photographer and artist.  I lend my support and advice to him, listen to a whole lot of photo-talk, and tag along on some spectacular shooting trips. The opinions and posts here are not necessarily the same as Scott, but come from discussions and experiences I've had with him and friends in the industry over the last few years. Photography is a big part of our is where I'll chat about that. I'll also feature other photographers I like, gallery shows worth checking out, etc.. I won't [can't!] talk much about technical photo stuff...but I've got an in-house photographer who can field any questions ;)

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you come back and say hello and let me know what you'd like to read & see.  I'm still fixing up my little space here, but I'm excited to be here. 

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