Wednesday, September 21, 2011

check your focus

Back at the start of the new year I posted THIS about my word focus that I received as part of fantabulous Diane's word project at The Dew Drop Inn.  Back in July she reviewed and revisited her project HERE

My word FOCUS is relevant to me in many ways.  I am easily distracted and overwhelmed, plus I procrastinate, which can make accomplishing goals difficult. Also, photography is a big part of my life...I live with a pro photog and photography has challenged & rewarded me in my own work.

I have held my word in my brain...encouraging myself to be mindful of the task at hand,  to work on tackling small parts of big projects, to make sure I do the best I can, and most of all (sometimes hardest of all) to stick to what's important to ME. 

Thanks again to Diane for the WORD. I'm already wondering what my word will be next year!

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diane said...

this post makes my innkeeper heart swooooooooon with joy!

i absolutely love reading about the ways in which FOCUS is relevant to you, my dear. the life of this word beyond my inn truly fascinates me.

'twas my pleasure to pull the word out of my magical bag for you...i look forward to doing it again next year!

p.s. cupcakes and tea soon?