Monday, September 19, 2011

book report [galapagos]

This is a crazy story where the past, present, and future are all told at the same you find out what is happening now, you know what is going to happen, but you're still learning why and how. There's a little bit of silliness and a little bit of social commentary.  I don't want to write much about the plot, but it involves politics, money, technology, tourism to the Galapagos Islands (which of course brings evolution into the mix), and the end of mankind as we know it. How's that for a teaser? This is a quirky, fantastical book I liked reading.  It takes a little bit of time to get oriented in the story. If you're a Vonnegut fan you'll notice a nod to some of his other work (a connection to another character).

[FYI, I link to Green Apple Books in San Francisco and/or Powell's in Portland because they are my favorite bookstores...local, independent, and awesome.  They have no idea who I am, nor do they give me anything for linking to them. Where you buy your books is your business.  I also advocate the public library [and the library didn't waive any fines or give me anything to say that]


Anonymous said...

I love Vonnegut. thanks for the review. I will add this one to my yet-to-read list :)

diane said...

i love vonnegut + i loved this book. yessssss indeed. have you read cat's cradle?

sara said...

D: i haven't picked up Cat's Cradle that your fave?