Monday, May 9, 2011

project postcard

I made my everyday bag [not really much of a purse girl] a little more awesome using some souvenir patches and Unique Stitch ("sew with a tube") glue. It was way faster than my hand-stitching and didn't punch a bunch of little holes in the thick waterproof fabric [no they did not pay me or give me free glue to say that]. I'm trying to get over my fears of permanence and imperfection, and while I'm at it showoff a little more of my style and far so good!


Anonymous said...

i like it! a lot! but I know what you mean by fear of permance. oh boy do I know ;)

sara said...

thanks Petra! i've been telling myself a lot lately 'nothing is permanent'...i think it applies to a lot of situations! ! hope you are well and enjoying your time on this side of the world :)

Lilstar said...

i like! i have a bunch of patches from parks and such, and i don't know what do with them... i wanted to put them on my backpack, but have the same issue with the waterproofing. i like what you did, though! :)