Tuesday, March 8, 2011

list of seven

Not long ago I added a new blog to my daily routine called Indivisualism, full of lovely & interesting words and pictures. The blog is curated by pretty Petra, who last week passed on her Stylish Blogger Award to me & a few others *blush*

I loved Petra's globe-trotting take on the requisite list of seven you must write as an award recipient...but I think I'll fall back on the simple seven random facts about me: 
  • I'm half Canadian...which my Mom (the Canadian) insists isn't really a thing, since Canada is just as much an ethnic mish-mash as the States... Nevertheless, I'm proud of it, eh!
  • I lived in a converted old train caboose in the desert for 3 months while working at Joshua Tree National Park. I'll find the pictures and scan them soon-ish.  I had to wash my dishes in the shower.
  • Please don't make me eat bell peppers.
  • I am a dog person who does not want a dog.  I will make friends with and borrow and love your dog, but I won't get my own. (maybe ever)
  • I sneeze and sniffle a lot (mold, pollen, and dust are mainly to blame...and the occasional cat).  Sometimes people locate me based on my sniffling. I carry a lot of handkerchiefs.
  • I procrastinate and I generally run 10-15 minutes late. These flaws have been growing in strength lately...I'll fix them later ;)
  • I never changed my major in college (biology w/ marine emphasis). I thought a lot (even now) about switching to general biology, geology, english, art, or environmental studies...but I couldn't keep myself out of those tidepools ♥


silvii tron said...

Hi, I found you blog via Petra!

I think half Canadian can be something, otherwise they dole out dual citizenships! Yet when I meet new people here and they describe their background, it's never "Canadian", it's usually "I'm Irish/Scottish/Chinese etc." Yet outside of the country they choose Canadian. I'm half myself - English/Filipino and I always debate how to introduce my background as I don't feel fully English.

Lovely images on your blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

heya, some interesting facts. I keep running into Canadians everywhere I turn... and I can't wait to see your pics from Joshua Tree :)

mama said...

Canadian is a thing...to be proud of. It's just not an old world thing I guess. I love that you are bilingual though, eh.
Interesting list of seven, Sara. Have you tried a bell pepper lately?