Tuesday, February 1, 2011

book report [look at the birdie]

[I was distracted by a spontaneous engagement party yesterday...Congrats to Shanti & Olivia ♥ Messy Monday will return next week!]

This is a collection of posthumously published short stories by Kurt Vonnegut.  He's such a good writer. The stories in here have a little darkness, vivid characters, and little twists that make them delightful and thought provoking.  If you're a fan of Vonnegut or if you just like short stories, you'll like this book.


diane said...

huge vonnegut fan here!

half of one bookshelf devoted to him.

better make room to add one more!

thanks, you book lovin' beauty.

Corinne (Sara's mama) said...

Big fans here, too! Diane, what's your favorite? Sara have you read Mother Night?